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silver lady

Get In - Race Finished and We’ve Finished!

Can’t tell you enough how damn proud Keith and I are of the Lads (Grant, Simon, Will, James, Darren, Carl & Spider) and obviously Steve for jockeying the bike round.

To come to this incredible race, where bikes & riders are tested over a 37.7 mile circuit at these incredible speeds is one thing, but to come here as a new team, and to finish a race is another - we all know what we want to achieve over the next four races and rest assured we are doing everything we can to get there!

When you get stuck into the data and timing sectors you realise what these guys are - incredible gladiators.

Mercer’s 1st lap was slower than he wanted, mid two laps ok, last lap flying but seriously held up - finished 17th in the end!

It was all the big names in the top 20, so he’s pleased.

This was his first ever Supersport Finish, His quickest ever Supersport lap.

We’ll take that - so glad to wave goodbye to the bike problems.

Also, awards done, Mercer was in the top times so qualifies for a Silver Lady TT trophy!

He’s chuffed, he came here to get six of them, obviously the 1st race was a right off - so this is hopefully 1 of 5.

Our thoughts go out to the family of Bob Price who very sadly died in today’s race, a race that continues till the chequer flag - even when something likes this happens.

The TT - Unbelievable.

Cheers for the love towards the team.

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